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Tourism business consultation

TMR strives to make a strong and stable relationship with our business partners and cooperative suppliers. To achieve a sustainable development, we offer professional tour design and market promotion of multiple resources to our partners and suppliers, for raising your reputation and attracting end customers. Our advantage is our knowledge and resources regarding the target market and end customers.

Leisure trip

We offer unique journey to our clients. Leisure trip of small groups with family members or friends. We want our clients to have high-quality and unforgettable experience during their journey. Custom trips are our main focus, we promise a unique and exclusive experience during the trips. By achieving that, we avoid usual sightseeing spots for tourists in the city, but we aim at spots that are rarely known by most people. Besides, thematic tours are offered, such as gourmet, golf, culture and family. All trips can be tailored based on your needs, budgets and expectations.


Business travel

We operate business trips in Denmark, Poland and China. The business sector includes two parts:

  • Delegation visits, we especially focus on sustainability and green energy. We connect companies together for business visits. We value our clients the most and strive to meet all your requirements.
  • Corporate travel, such as annual appreciation programs and team building, any activities that can strengthen corporate culture and team spirit. Follow-up service is provided, such as marketing and promotion solutions.

Education trip

Study trips can be arranged if you eager to learn during the trips. Except enjoying a nice trip full of exciting sights and activities, you can also gain new knowledge by joining our education trips. We can provide management training, which cooperates with local institutions; and risk management programs. It is a great choice for people who want to learn new stuff during relaxation.

More specific services including
consulting, planning, professinal advice,
full or semi-journey booking,
pick-up at the airport, interpreters, guides, team leaders, 24/7 phone service etc.
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